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This practical course is presented twice a week two hours a day with a duration of 60 hours in total from (August to December).

It prepares the student in graphic design working illustration, vectors,  web pages, creating documents, interactive PDF using the Adobe CC suite in Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign. The student will create, magazines, “poster”, web pages, drawings and vectorization, create logo  edit photographs, , “flyers”, using filters and effects and even work on advanced editing features in Photoshop illustrator and InDesign  such as: Layers and Vectors. The student will learn to correct photos, transform images, add titles, apply filters, and much more. The student will learn several editing tools such as: “Move, Clone stamp, Magic Wand, Crop, Brush” among others. also use vector images in Illustrator.  it does not lose definition.  The shapes in vectors are used as basis for animation and 3D.




This course is designed for anyone who wants to become certified graphics designer in Adobe Photoshop Visual Communicator ACA and work in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or who prefers interactive instruction of their functions.


(Available for additional cost)

Changing the world is possible, but it requires the right preparation and skills. One of the best ways to be prepared is with Course  in Adobe Certified Asociate (ACA) certification.

Whether you are a teacher helping digital media students prepare for college or career, or a student looking for a competitive advantage in your next phase of life, or perhaps a business looking for people with the qualifications to make things happen, ACA certification can make a huge difference.

ACA certification is an industry recognized credential that can be used to effectively validate one’s skills in Adobe digital media software. It represents the knowledge and abilities in demand today by industry and academia and reflects well when presented on a resume or college application.

ACA certification is the credential for anyone with Adobe digital media pursuits or interests. Whether it’s one certification or several that demonstrate Adobe cross platform expertise, ACA defines those who possess it as having advanced Adobe software expertise.



  • Cropping an image
  • About layers
  • Using the Layers panel
  • Rearranging layers
  • Applying a gradient to a layer
  • Applying a layer style
  • Adding an adjustment layer
  • Updating layer effects
  • Adding a border
  • Flattening and saving files
  • Improving a snapshot
  • Adjusting facial features with Liquify
  • Blurring a background
  • Creating a panorama
  • Filling empty areas when cropping
  • Correcting image distortion
  • Extending depth of field
  • Moving objects with the Content-Aware Move tool
  • Adjusting perspective in an image
  • Working with masks and channels
  • Using Select and Mask
  • Creating a quick mask
  • Manipulating an image with Puppet Warp
  • Using an alpha channel to create a shadow
  • About type
  • Creating a clipping mask from type
  • Creating type on a path
  • Warping point type
  • Designing paragraphs of type
  • Adding a rounded rectangle
  • Adding vertical text
  • About bitmap images and vector graphics
  • About paths and the Pen tool
  • Drawing with the Pen tool
  • Working with defined custom shapes
  • Importing a Smart Object


  • Getting to know the work area
  • Techniques for selecting artwork
  • Using shapes to create artwork for a postcard
  • Editing and combining shapes and paths
  • Transforming the artwork
  • Creating an Illustration with the Drawing Tools
  • Using color to enhance signage
  • Adding type to a poster
  • Organizing your artwork with
  • Gradients, Blends, and Patterns
  • Using brushes to create a poster
  • Exploring creative uses of effects and graphic styles
  • Creating artwork for a T-shirt
  • Using Illustrator CC with other Adobe Applications
  • Exporting Assets



  • Getting to know the work area
  • Getting to Know InDesign
  • Setting Up a Document and Working with Pages
  • Working with Objects
  • Flowing Text
  • Editing Text
  • Working with Typography
  • Working with Color
  • Working with Styles
  • Importing and Modifying Graphics
  • Creating Tables
  • Working with Transparency
  • Printing and Exporting
  • Creating Adobe PDF Files with Form Fields
  • Creating a fixed-Layout epub


Incorporate exam into current courses to measure success. Prove student’s hands on knowledge through performance based and selected response testing. Provide students with sought after job market skills. Meet the popular demand to validate skills in the Adobe applications. Take advantage of today’s industry standard digital software. Builds core skills and knowledge necessary to use Adobe, Awards a resume building standard certifcation as proof of successful completion. Provides the foundation necessary to further enhance productivity and marketability with other visual comunnication certifications


The Adobe Certified Associate Exams provide the education and certification students need to succeed in both college and the workplace. For those pursuing higher education involving digital media, the certification ensures the prerequisite knowledge and skills. For those seeking employment in the high demand areas of digital communication, the certification provides a valuable competitive edge.


This course is focused for students without any prior computer experience. This course starts from basic to advanced.