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Toon Boom Animation is the worldwide leader in animation and storyboard software for professionals and beginners. It is the tool of choice for artist’s creating storyboards digitally and it is used by many top design studios to create the finest animated movies and television shows. If you have ever watched an animated movie or television show you have probably experienced the magic of Toon Boom.


Storyboard Pro delivers everything needed for episodic, advertising, film, and other creative projects. It allows you to evolve your story using the same storyboarding program that thousands of studios and individuals use worldwide.


oon Boom Harmony is a family of three separate software products that provide professional-quality 2D animation production capabilities. Harmony software is used in award-winning television shows and movies. Because Toon Boom software is used throughout the motion picture, television, and animation community, career opportunities for those skilled in the software are plentiful. Toon Boom certification is an excellent way to validate and showcase your Toon Boom skills and abilities.


Toon Boom Certified Associate Certification is the recognized standard of excellence that provides validation of animation software skills and knowledge. It’s the best way for one to communicate their proficiency with Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro. The certification provides a huge advantage when one is being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities. And, Toon Boom Certification is recognized around the world, making this credential very portable and beneficial.